Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots is a very unique slot game from Real Time Gaming as a result of its gameplay. This is an online casino slot in which players will see an animal theme but also an Asian theme to this online game. It is a classic slots game, but the design of the game offers more than just a regular classic slots. You might be wondering what “M.Y.O.W.” stands for and it is “Make Your Own Win” in which casino players will have the opportunity to do just this. The game is available by desktop and instant play.

Slots Gameplay How To

The game will load to show the design of a slots machine that you would find in Nevada or Las Vegas. The paytable is located on the screen and the reels are below it. It is not difficult to play Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots using the buttons below. This includes "Bet One" which will allow only one credit to be placed. The "Spin Reel" button is located in the lower center and "Play 3 Credits" is also available. The game does allow slot players to select on of various casino chips which are located in the lower right of the screen. These are the $5, $25, and $100 chip. It is also possible to select "Bet Max" to play the highest wagers on the line. There is also an additional "Next Pay Table" button to make your choice. Players will be able to use "Cash Out" and see the credit window and winner payout amounts. The Help button will give more information about gameplay.

More About Online Play

The main symbols to find are the Asian cats (Lucky, Catman, Kung Fu Kitty, The King, and Catzilla), Koi fish, flowers, Japanese flag, dragon, and a dog. This is a three reel game with a single payline. There is a huge cat theme for this game. The coin denominations begin at $0.01 and go to $5 with up to three credits as the maximum wager.

When players press the "Next Pay Table" button they will discover there are up to five different pay tables to choose from. You will only need to choose one to proceed with gameplay.

Special Pay Tables

The main feature in this game is being able to play using special paytables. As a result, slot players may feel as if they are playing more than one game inside this single game. This is because each paytable does have additional symbols and will reward based on your choice. It is possible to choose just one or scroll through and play one after the other. However, only one paytable feature can be active at a time. The top payout is 5,000 coins when three credits are played.

Try to Play Online

There is a lot going on inside this online casino. Players will be able to try Operation M.Y.O.W. Slots online and experience the chance to play five games in one.