Tarot Destiny Slots

What is your destiny? What will the future bring your way? The truth is, no one can really predict what tomorrow might bring. Humans have tried to predict the future for thousands of years. Still, it's always impossible to know what's going to happen next. Well, unless you're playing Tarot Destiny Slots. With this game, you know what the future holds for you: lots of winning.

The Look of Destiny

What does destiny look like? In this slots game, it looks just like a gypsy fortune teller's wagon. You will step into the wagon to find melting candles flickering against the wooden walls, the soft purple curtain swaying near the windows and the mysterious feeling in the air. You will take yourself closer to an exciting future with every single click, every single time the reels spin around. Beautiful shades of blue and purple create just the right mystic look.

Playing the Game

This is a slots game with a great traditional design of five reels and three rows. Your goal is to line up symbols along the pay lines to win. The symbols themselves are colorful and fun to look at. You will see spooky spell books, melting candles, snowy white owls and familiar letters and numbers, along with wild symbols and other surprises.

How to Win

The thing about destiny is, sometimes you have to make things happen. When you spin the reels on this game, you will be making something happen. Every time you spin is another chance to win. Bet just $0.10 if you want to make your money last or put $25.00 on each spin of the reels when you're feeling lucky. The bigger the bet, the bigger your win could be.

Free Spins

You have a chance to get free spins every time you play. If you get three, four or five of the Tarot Destiny symbols, you will trigger the bonus game to win free spins. If you win, you can get multipliers that will greatly increase your winning payouts. All you have to do is open up chests, which is a pretty fun and simple bonus game.

Finding Your Tarot Destiny Slots

When you're ready to tempt destiny and find your fate, look for Tarot Destiny Slots at online casinos of all kinds. Any digital casino that has slots games will carry this extremely popular title. Go find your destiny and make a better future happen.