Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandits makes yet another return to the online casino scene, when it comes to the third installment, Cash Bandits 3. Not too long ago, the first Cash Bandits took online gamblers by storm. It introduced a bold new take to the cops and robbers theme where a slick bank robber, is actually the central character in the game. The sequel pumped up this concept up, and now the third slot game in the franchise, reinvents the entire wheel.

Real Time Gaming To The Rescue

Just when you thought that you saw it all from Real Time Gaming, you realize that you haven’t seen anything yet. This is quite evident as we get introduced to Cash Bandits 3, a total rework on the popular franchise blueprint. Once more, Real Time Gaming partners up with the legendary, flash engine to set the stage for the ultimate crime caper and more. Flash’s technology makes it happen for you to play and view Cash Bandits 3, online, or offline.

A Demo Type Of Mind

Cash Bandits 3, follows the usual traditional mode of all Real Time Gaming slot titles where you can get some serious practice play before you step up to the plate and make that actual wager.

Robbery Is Afoot In The Theme

The title of the game says it all. Cash Bandits 3, from the moment you first make a deposit, to the moment, you leave, is all about pulling off the robbery of a life time. There is a soundtrack in the new addition.

A Smooth Flowing Game

When you get over the completely new design, all the mechanics that you need to pull off a stunning win, is there on the game screen, starting with a spin and an auto spin button to handle your bets.

A Slot Game Of All Trades

Cash Bandits 3, leaves nothing to the imagination. There is a lot going on in the trifecta. Just in regular play, you can win it all, and then there is the matter of the bonus rounds, which once more involves the special, bank vault bonus round that holds free spins. There is a progressive jackpot as well.

Crime Laden Pay Lines

Cash Bandits 3, is a five reel game that comes with 25 pay lines that can be adjusted as you see fit. The pay lines arrows are there, to get them to suit your needs.

The Right Bet

Similarly to the pay line arrows, you have the coin size buttons for you to tweak the precise bet to your liking too. The bare bones bet, is a penny. You can adjust the value up to a quarter.

Don’t Forget About The Pay Table

The pay table is essential to any slot game. Cash Bandits 3, has its button central on the screen for easy access. Once clicked, you are brought with all the interesting game icons and their respective values. The third time is the ticket for the top bank robber to be the wild symbol in the game, and boy is happy, holding all that cash. He is a grouped wild, and can payout all the way to 5,000 credits for five of him on the reels.

Some familiar faces resurface, and are redesigned too. The cop, the frightened woman and the bank, all make their redesigned entry back into the game. The badge, the cop car, money headlines, and even doughnuts, pay respectable amounts.

Getting Your Money’s Worth In The Bonus

The entire cash bandits series, rose to super stardom due to the over the top, bank vault bonus round. And once more, it is back, and this time, loaded like never before. The game logo is the ticket to gaining entry into the bank vault bonus round, where you are greeted with 6 bank vaults and a keypad to enter the right code to gain entrance into them. The heavyweight and the main event, is the progressive jackpot that can fall after any spin.

The Awesome Free Spins

The byproduct of the bank vault bonus round, are the free spins. The free spins are plenty this time around. Actually, you can play up to 390 free spins with an excellent winning multiplier up to 23 times.

Even The Return To Player Is Over The Top

The return to player is on your side with Cash Bandits 3. Like the other Real Time Gaming slots, the return to player is in the 90 percentile.

A Special Rating

When the news hit the scene that Real Time Gaming was releasing Cash Bandits 3, fans of this game displayed their excitement throughout the internet. Now, they are doing the same thing with the glowing reviews.

You Can Be The Next Winner

Many will play, but perhaps you are the next top winner to Cash Bandits 3. The online casino that is hosting it has many options to win it up. The usual ways, include welcome bonuses and cashback bonuses plus free spins for members of all kinds. There might even be a new game promotion that is exclusive to Cash Bandits 3.

Take Your Time And Play

Cash Bandits 3 is ready for you to go at your own pace. Remember, it is designed for you to play in practice mode before you step up to the plate for real.

Here Come The Real Bet

And now that you are ready to step up to the plate, you will find that there is an armada of real bets. Of course, there are the major credit cards, and many instances these days, Bitcoin, along with Neteller and Skrill. If you are using credit cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form first.

Being A Bandit On The Go

The stage is set for you to take the bank by storm by playing Cash Bandits 3, on today’s latest and greatest smart phone technology. All the elements of the game are there in the palm of your hand.