Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Life can leave you with a pretty sour taste in your mouth, sometimes. Bills are high, groceries just keep getting more expensive and there's always something breaking down, something that needs to be replaced, some new thing to worry about. Sometimes, you've got to take a break. Do it with Sweeet 16 Blast! Slots. This game is full of sweet images and really sweet winning possibilities.

Sweet Game

The game board is so full of pretty colors in vivid shades and pretty pastels it's impossible not to notice this game. You will be dazzled by candy shades of pink, blue, orange, purple, blue and green. Little candies of all kinds fill up this game board, including little chocolate candies. If nothing else, you will find yourself crazing sugar before you're done playing this slots game.


This is a classic slots-style game but with a modern look. The pale violent game board has six spinning reels with five columns where the pretty candy-colored sweets appear. There are 243 pay lines where you can match up symbols to get a big payout. Bet $1 to $5, based on how lucky you feel, with each spin of the reels.

The Next Level

Feeling especially lucky? Hit the bonus bet feature to put even more money down and get an even bigger payout if you win. The little cakes, hard candies, bonbons and other treats will dance across the screen and hopefully, line up to give you a huge payout. You can play both real money and free money versions of the game.

Modern Slots Games

Sweeet 16 Blast! Slots definitely has a more modern look to it. This is not a game with clunky reels that spin around in an antiquated machine. This is a brightly colored, fully digital game that's full of fun images and winning possibilities, both of which are pretty sweet. The reels move very quickly and the gameboard looks much more like a modern smartphone game than a clunky old machine. Everything is smooth and streamlined and very quick.

Relaxing with Sweet 16! Blast Slots

Life is full of stress and worries and troubles and problems. Sometimes, it's good to just have some fun. That's what Sweeet 16 Blast! Slots provides and that's exactly what you need, sometimes. If you can also possibly win money while you're having fun, why not? Look for this slots game at online casinos of all kinds. Any online casino that carries popular slots titles is bound to carry this game.