Sweet 16 Slots

To Be 16 Again… Is the dream of many people. We've all been 16 at one time, the age of care free days. Thanks to Real Time Gaming, the sweetness, pun intended, is well represented throughout Sweet 16, a delicious and highly rewarding slot game, in more ways than one.

Real Time Gaming...How Sweet It Is

For those who are serious online gamers in the online casino world, in all likely hood, you have cross paths with Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming, by many in the online casino world, is considered the undisputed game engine and developer. This praise and reputation is well deserved. For starters, they bring forward the cutting edge technology that fans of the slot game experience have come to expect. This is due in tandem with the flash engine technology. Simply put, flash preserves the graphical detail of these games while giving you the option of playing them, either online, or for download.

Practice Being 16 Again

Sit back and take your time with Sweet 16. Sweet 16, like most of Real Time Gaming's all star slots, is flexible enough for you to practice and fall in love all over again with the prospect of being 16 all over again. The only thing you can't do here in this mode, is win real money.

A Theme Of Chocolate Decadence

Chocolate and more chocolate are all laid out in Sweet 16. There is so much chocolate in this game, that there are layers to this game. Even more among the chocolate, is a party atmosphere including balloons. Even the reels and the fonts are totally tricked out to give you the sense of a candy and chocolate fair.

A Neat Design

We know. It is easy to get lost among all these candy and chocolate goodness. Sweet 16 is still a highly reliable and resourceful game. All the necessities that you need to come out on top, is right on the game screen.

One Heck Of A Sweet Slot Game

Sweet 16 is a lot in a pretty five reel package. For starters, this is all ways pay game. It features morphing candy and a dynamite free spins round.

Sweet Pay Lines

Sweet 16 has 243 pay lines. Remember, all ways pay in this game. It is up to you to wager on one of them, something in the middle, or all 243 in one fell swoop. To aid you in this, there are pay line arrows to make sure you get your bet, just right.

The Sweetest Bet You'll Ever Make

Sweet 16 wants nothing more for you to make the bet that is comfortable for you. There are coin size buttons for you to do just that. To get started, you will need a minimum of a penny to do just that. The top bat for any spin you make can be tweaked up to a dollar.

The Sugary Pay Table

There is a lot of chocolate to be had throughout Sweet 16. To help you keep track of all the sugary goodness, there is a pay table to accomplish just this. To begin, what will satisfy your sweet tooth, is the wild symbol, which is the official logo to the game. It will show up as a grouped wild on the second, third and fourth reels as well as the fifth reels. It will substitute for all the other symbols, except for the scatter icon. There is also colorful chocolate candies that takes many shapes. You have a pair of lipstick lips that is ready to kiss the reels for you to win.

A Special Kind Of Bonus

One of the interesting bonuses to this game, is the morphing symbols. How this works is any winning combination that should land on the reels, will find those icons morphed into possibly higher paying icons. The morphing process goes on until you no longer score a winning combination. But there is more to the morphing magic. For each morphing win you get, the winning multiplier will grow by a factor of one, all the way to 10.

The Free Spins Awaits

Just when you thought you saw everything that Sweet 16 has to offer, you realize that there is even more to go. To advance into the free spins round, it requires a trio of candy swirls. When you accomplish this, you will begin the free spins round with 16. If you score a win, the magic morphing rules apply, only this time, the multiplier ranges from 2 to 20 as you keep on winning. You can re launch this bonus round as well.

A Tasty Return To Player

Admit it. Nobody likes to lose. And if you make enough wagers playing Sweet 16, you are going to come up short on some of them. But, because this is a product of Real Time Gaming, the stage is set for you to win more often than not, so make your bets in peace, thanks to the high, return to player.

A Truly Enjoyable Slot Game

Sweet 16 has been out for quite some time. You can find this five reel game in a variety of online casinos that supports Real Time Gaming. It has also been the topic of many online casino websites that provide reviews.

Step Up And Win

You can win by chance, by spinning the reels, or you can take up the promotions and the bonuses that you can normally find at online casinos that host this game. Brand new players can normally take up welcome packages. Veteran members usually provide a bevy of rebate and cashback bonuses. It is also normal to have free spins packages from both the online casino and from other services which you can apply to Sweet 16.

Playing Among The Chocolate Stars

Every time you mention Sweet 16, you are reminded that in many ways, it is like an endless loop of mouth watering candy. Again, take your time and get some practice play so you can get the full experience.

Buying The Candy For Real

The time has come to put down a bet. Sweet 16, comes with a variety of ways to make a deposit, all of which is based the options of that online casino. Most options involve Visa and MasterCard, Neteller and Skrill, and more often than not, the top crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Candy On The Mobile

Anytime you wish to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can play Sweet 16 on all the top mobile platforms, including Android devices and the top Apple devices such as Iphones and Ipads.